Monday, September 17, 2018

Podcast Episode #5-

Talking Spirituality With Bob Geigle...

This episode of the podcast we talk with Bob Geigle about his spiritual journey and what it was like for him to grow up seeing dead people, finding a path, leaning different modalities, and finding his truth. 

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Podcast Episode #4-

Looking Inside Ourselves...

This episode Lang and Tracy talk about how the spiritual journey requires looking at yourself. Hear some of the realizations about that occurs when you look inside of yourself and see where there need to be change, and how they have gone about it. Love and Peace...

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Saturday, September 1, 2018


Questioning Everything

   Recently my youngest daughter (in her mid 30’s, married with there small children) was getting ready for the birthday party for her eldest child. In the days leading up to the event my child spoke of the party plans that included fixing up the backyard for the blow up water slide that would be delivered on party day. I listened to the plans and hoped that time and energy would be available to them to accomplish all that they had envisioned especially since they live an already busy and sometimes hectic life. 

   The day before the party we were texting back and forth about what had been taken care of and what still needed to be done. She was cleaning her house and text me that she was getting stressed because she was trying to make the house as clean and nice as I used to make my home when we had parties when she was a little girl. I told her to stop trying to make it perfect because five minutes after all the children hit her door it will all unravel at the speed of light and in the end those kids will have had a great time and won’t remember what the house looked like. That sparked a conversation about why we do what we do, why we think the way that we do, and why we have certain expectations. I told her that the reason she had an expectation of this model home was because I had showed her that just like my mother showed me and her mother and on and on and on. We talked about letting go of stuff that we have been taught and I told her to let go of the idea of the perfect home thrown party because it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s okay to let go of this stuff and stop living our lives because of things we were taught that don’t really serve to make our lives better and lighter.

   The path I’m on now has sparked many questions but I have to say the biggest have been about myself and why I think and feel certain ways. I realized over these past 20 some years that much of how I went about living my life came from the family I was raised in. My family taught me many things and also did the world. When I started examining I found that many things I was doing in every day life, I was doing because that’s what I was taught. What have I been agreeing to just because I was told or shown during my life. And why do we feel a sense of having to adhered to all these things even if they no longer serve us? So I started looking closely at everything and decided that the things I liked about what I was taught I would keep and what I was taught that I didn’t like so much would get examined and then I would decided if I was going to keep it or let it go. By the way I highly recommend doing this because it will blow your mind when you start questioning everything. I’ve changed a lot over my lifetime especially the past 20 years and in another 20 I hope I will have changed even more. Not all of the realizations have been easy ones but I have to say I’m much lighter these days. 

By Tracy

Episode #18

The Award For Best Performance... This episode we discuss the endless theatrical production called life and how we all are real...